Uli is a demanded musician with music therapy background and lecturer for improvisation, eartraining, double bass, bassguitar and bandcoaching at Artez University of the Arts, Enschede, the Netherlands.

He has worked for 25 years in music schools, public schools, health care and privately teaching bassguitar, double bass, (electric) guitar, band coaching, music therapy and string ensemble.

In the last 25 years he has played more than a thousand concerts and recorded music in and outside Europe in very different groups and ensembles in jazz, improvised music, tango, music from the balkans, rock, soul, blues, pop, classical and contemporary styles as well as music theater productions in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

He is intrigued by seeming opposites between musical styles, cultures and art forms as well as opposites such as silence and sound, meditation and interaction, composition and improvisation. 

Uli takes part in community projects with voice and songwriting and is frequently busy in his recording studio „native recordings“.

Apart from bass instruments he also likes to play the drums, percussion, guitar, piano or violoncello to varying levels, build something, paint, play tabletennis or go on a bike or a boat.

Improvisation – composition

​silence – sound